Neon sign deliver information in stylish and attractive way.

We manufacture all Kind of Neon based sign such as Channelume Neon Sign. Channelume Neon Sign come basically in two types. Open Neon and Closed Neon. Open Neon are made by bending the GI profiles desired Designs and texts in mirror effect, then these Neon tubes are bend in the same shapes and are placed on the top of these letter giving the real neon effect to the viewer. Closed neon is made of Aluminium Channelume profiles with Acrylic front fascia.

The neon tubes are mounted on the background of these letters and are lit from inside which gives the viewers only the Glowing letters as the Neon are concealed. Neon sign are also used to illuminate the Aluminium 3D letters as well as Stainless steel Letters where it will give a halo effect to the viewers.

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